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"I’m fat and i want to kill me"


Okay, can we just clear one thing up, anorexia and/or being anorexic is NOT and body type, It’s a serious illness, so stop refereeing to people who happen to be very thin and/or underweight as anorexic, it’s rude and makes you sound like an uneducated piece of shit. Thank you.

"I feel as though every calorie I eat equals another step towards my destruction."


I’m nervous. Smoke time


I’m nervous. Smoke time

I like the feeling of my stomach growling. The feeling of being empty and not full or bloated. Its pretty amazing.


The hunger is the only thing I can feel,

it’s tearing me up inside,

this time I won’t crack,

I don’t want to throw up,

It’s making me dizzy,

I’m already weak,

I have to be beautiful.


- How fucked up - via ( hollowandbroken )